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Mold and mildew inspections, mold sampling and testing by Spore°Tech Mold Investigations, LLC, Louisville, KY 502-262-2022 can determine if you have a serious mold problem and help in making the decisions that will improve your indoor air quality and health conditions.


Mold - Got It?


Of course you have mold. Everybody has indoor mold - some just have it worse than others! Even if you can't see mold, it is there. The big question is, 'How bad is it?'.

Mold is everywhere. Mold’s existence and our daily exposure to it in homes and occupational work areas is universal and simply a fact of everyday life. It is only when mold finds its ideal place to flourish that it needs serious and immediate attention.

Where mold can be found. Mold and mildew are inside your sink and dishwasher cabinets and probably in your bathrooms and laundry areas. There is an 86% chance of mold growing somewhere in or on your refrigerator. It's nestled into the microscopic crevices of clothing, furniture fabric and in your carpeting. There is little doubt that mold spores exist in your heating and air conditioner system ductwork from where mold is continually dispersed throughout a home or building looking for a place to “plant” itself and grow. It can be found in your window sills, basement, crawl space and attic, office desk, indoor plants, kitchen counter space, on the TV, in your fireplace and countless other places.

Mold exposure risks vary. The above incidences could be everyday, ordinary “low-risk” and “acceptable level” occurrences of mold—or not. Each person has their own level of tolerance to the mycotoxins (poisons) emitted by mold. And those with higher levels of tolerance to mycotoxins can eventually become sensitized to these poisons from prolonged exposures.

Signs of increased health risks to mold exposure. “Higher risk” mold conditions are more easily recognized by the sudden visual appearance of emerging mold. Another and unmistaken evidence of this kind of mold problem is the presence of a pungent mildew or musty odor, even when mold is not visibly evident. The faintest whiff of this odor should immediately prompt one’s concern about mold exposure and to take quick action to identify and correct its cause and clean up the mold and mildew damage! Our mold consultants are prepared to assist you in necessary planning and cost-effective corrective actions to take.

Answers to your mold problems. Do you have a concern about indoor mold exposure or are in question about a possible mold colonization problem? Spore°Tech Mold Investigations LLC’s mold and mildew inspection professionals are equipped and available to evaluate and assess your individual conditions. Our certified toxic mold inspectors can conduct mold sampling and test to give you comparative baseline analysis.

Contact Spore°Tech Mold Investigations, LLC, Louisville, KY, certified mold inspection professionals at 502-262-2022.


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